About our farm

Dear customers,

welcome to our farm website Rohozenskahusa.cz. We are the Geese Farm specialized in geese breeding and selling goslings.

You can find a lot of interesting information here not only about our breeding, but you also face some general information about goose keeping.

Our Geese Farm is located in Rohozna, close to Jihlava city in the Czech Republic. Our Geese farm is the only one in Vysocina region and one from few in the Czech Republic. We have had great experience in geese breeding since 1974. Thanks to this long term experience, we can guarantee geese and goslings with the highest quality of good meat to bone ratio and a good food conversion ratio. All geese of ours come from Czech cultivation.

In spring time we concern mainly about selling:

  • one-day old goslings
  • 2 – 21 days old goslings

We are also able to offer geese feather during all the year.

The quality of our geese and goslings comes from above mentioned know how of breeding, but also from the way our geese are bedded and fed. Our geese are kept in a traditional grass run with entrance to water. They are also kept under permanent vet care.